"The South from Corregidor website contains additional information about the boat crew that was not included in the republished version of the book."
Lieutenant Commander Morrill originally published the book in early 1943 just months after the escape. It is his firsthand account of how the 18 sailors evaded the Japanese, traveling 2,000 miles in an open boat from Manila Bay to Darwin, Australia. 

This republished version of South from Corregidor is as Lieutenant Commander Morrill wrote it. Thirty-nine maps have been included to help show their journey, as well as six illustrations by John Fleming Gould that were part of a December 1942 Saturday Evening Post article that told the boat crew's story. 

In addition, an addendum at the back of the book includes pictures of the boat crew and tells what happened to them. Since the book was published in early 1943, and the war was years away from being over, readers could not know if the boat crew survived the war.